Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Creativity Earns

Youth are other forms of energy. Huge population in this world has occupied by great potential enthusiastic youths. They have eyes of possibility for transformation of world. They have creative energy to build universe beautiful, powerful will to keep peace in society, big open heart to grow love among human being expanding it to all worldly creature and imaginative mind to give shape to their dream. The spirit ‘Youth’ rather is confined in age but it is the state of mind that always involves in dynamic though exploring art of live. Especially in developing country, the hugely covered population of youth is overlooked in every sector of geo-politics of community enhancement. Every society has imposed taboos and created cultural boundary which hinder to explore youths’ art and creativity spontaneously in their aspiration. Especially in third world countries, community has less dynamic, traditional and homogeneous where youth with new vision in new era don’t get common ground for sharing, which no longer keeps creativity to flourish. Most of the youth mind has new dimensional notion of revolution to change their society. They wish to bloom the flower of affluent civilization of art, literature creativity and developed cultured community.
The south Asian countries have traditional religious social structure which relies on aged opinion. The belief of maturity and learnt personality is aged one who always imposes ideas listening less to others. Community has stereo-types of prejudices, discriminations and cultural and religious barriers that enforced youth to follow anarchism and riots. Yet these societies are unable to notice that the energy of youth has negatively flown downwards in fury. While the upward flowing of energy for creativity in art, literature and civilization to build the world is discouraged by old generation. Instead of making environment to freely emerge creativity, they are suppressed and underestimated. It is happening not because of less respecting and less hearing them but due to social power structure where static traditional thinkers afraid to be threatened that the new vision may swap up untimely dogmas on which so called scholars are ruling out the society. The effect suddenly starts energy to flow in negative way. The energetic mind and artful heart could not find the way to be painted. That might draw youth towards immature unsafe sex, using drugs, hue and cry and practice anarchism which they thought are anti-social for spoiling creativity and best way to expressed them out. Why the most cases of HIV/AID found in youth, why most of the victimized of drugs are youth and why chaos and anarchism as created in this world by youth, the answer is simple the great banging energy has ignored, unheard and excluded. Youth has dream, an imaginative power to embellish self and surrounding in romantic way of beautifying ideas. Art comes from imagination, a perfection get tune when dream portrayed in objects. Every civilization had sublimity of art and literature which has created by youth energetic mind and adoring heart.
Energy is naked, spontaneous, abrupt and fluent which flows out from imaginative creative youth though if it doesn’t get shape objectifying in concrete base may destroys the beautiful surrounding. The same energy easily can be turned into violent destruction and raise anarchism in society perfectly weave the world in peace and prosperity if got proper ground of environment to flourish.
Until or unless such large creative mass lies on periphery being kept out by center power holder static traditional thinkers no social transformation is possible. Now time has come to transfer power to youth who think analytically in different way to revolutionize society into new dimension of development. They have new vision, energy, creativity and art of enthusiasm to make society affluent and reformed culture. They should be brought in main stream of socio-economic and political development. They must take part in policy and strategy making process of community development in overall aspect of national development plan.
Before that it’s the responsibility of all stakeholders to work in the field of youth empowerment building their capacity to be able to stand perfectly to lead country towards apex of human development. Youth should be organized, educated and trained that help to create sustainable income generation source of life skill utilizing available resources in community.
They need proper education of life-skill knowledge which can be useful to create employment. Technical skills, academic analytical logical power of thinking and spiritual knowledge of exploring thing with art of living should be perfectly blended together for youth empowering techniques.
If youth are trained and educated to explore art and creativity as appropriateness of social background, definitely it creates sustainable source of living. It shows path of development possibility. Education should be academic, spiritual and technical as per the youth interest that gives perfection of life. Community Development in new concept is not only to provide support in basic human need but to provide environment to young generation to cultivate their creativity and create milieu to flourish their potentiality.
It is very important to start up with new ideas empowering and enhancing youth for sustainable development of third world, like Nepal. Among 27 million population of a small country Nepal 38% are youth. The powerful mass with innovative ideas is excluded in every sector of state mechanism. Youth leaders with new vision, plan and defined objectives to lead country towards self-independent and affluent are bypass by power holder in Nepali politics who are old, almost with no vision, and have self-benefits, nepotism, corruption, shameless, irresponsibility and unaccountable manner. Such power practice has created frustration in youth that has drawn energy towards pessimism and negative flow of self destruction.
There are alternatives and various ways to come up building peace in society because they believe in dialogue and discussions which are best way for conflict resolution. At the same time they have eyes to see various possible alternatives for community development too. Youth creative initiation in this manner enhances socio-economic status.
Youth have beautiful mind to create a perfect piece of art, as singing song, writing and reciting poetry, performing drama, painting a fine art, making a movie which reflect social reality of contemporary time. They have power of expressing ideas in world, determination to change society and will to establish democratic practices. Through, due to lack of favorable environment their creativity has gone waste.
In this crucial time of globalization, must need to address their creativity properly. The knowledge of art, literature, language, music and of other cultural form to be flourished, get into shape and economized in local market through exchanging technical of information technology across the world that earns enough in every aspect of socio-economic enhancement of community. Culturally art and creativity get exchanged via such way of scientific development.
Youth whether in rural community or in urban perfectly in piece of creation can be explored as per their desire and interest that provide them respect with their work globally economizing the products. It is not only the matter of making society independent financially but would be the process of building socio-cultural harmony in universal contest.
So all working existed organizations and agencies for community development boasting up peace building in society and conflict resolution should be focused on youth creativity. Youth should be the target population while projecting the activities in community supportive work. Organizing youth for social transformation is necessarily major task. Empowered organized youth creativity effectively worth in achieving results in the sense of making community financially independent. For that purpose youth should be trained and taught imbalanced of moral values, capacity building and technical life-skills knowledge. Creating income generation sources out of available local resources in community is challenging talk. Thus the possibility for strengthen socio-economical status is of course to focus on youth mobilization.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Faith in imagination is the way
that I believe is worth to follow
as the way of smiles and joy inside your heart,
as deeper is this as better for you
just listen the voice of your heart and go.
Just listen when it calls you to follow
and try to build something, not destroy.
Just be yourself
I know it's nothing new
though we still forget at time
what is right what is wrong
just remember
there is not only one way for all.

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Youth Initiation in Socio-Political Community Enhancement

Problem/Issue Statement
Most of the south Asian countries have traditional stereo-type of social structure especially based on religious values and a patriarchal society with aged male domination in decision making in family and society. Dependency is a major problem in this region, woman with man, children with patents and developments with donor agencies. Youth creativity is not considered as a vital energy for social changes in community development. The pre-existed social structures are based on aged are matured enough to grip and handle to legacy. In national politics, from local level to center old values and opinion holder static aged senior leaders have held the position. Youth, women and children inclusion are not considered as importance in decision making process in community development and socio- political enhancement. Youth creativity does not count as the power to change the society and can make huge contribution in community development. The problem of brain drain is hugely considerable.
Due to social-economic discrimination, exploitation, exclusion, inequality, power centralization, unequal distribution of resources and lack of accessibility of people to resources, Nepal has under gone a 12 years long arm conflict which has came to end 2 year before in 7 political parties’ consensus. They have singed in broad peace accord to restructure Nepal reforming it with news system to establish through Constituent Assembly Poll. While talking about Nepal, 38% of total population of 27 million is youths but they are not found in main stream politics, social structures and governance policy. Most of the power holders in politics and socio-economic structure are static type of aged people. Most if the political leaders are old who keeps view in traditional way and use slow moving steps in fastest globalization process of technical world. Some of youth who come with new vision, mission and goal to change country to keep in main stream of development making competitive in socio-economic and political aspect with other country are passed by regressive force. Women are less literate, educate, employed and deprived from state providing facilities in Nepal. With such huge potentiality of natural sources in water, and herbs, agriculture, and tourism, country has facing big unemployment problem. Youth are fugitive to other country for earning. A generation gap between old and youth is huge; they are not in mutual cooperative way of working for community development. Youth leading in local to center level acting committee significantly less. Most of the youth are out of country, some of them have been to attain further study in developed country and many from poor rural society are in hard physical work in Middle East country of Asia for surviving. Political vision for community development is traditional, dependency based with donor, add provider, foreign loan and center centric policy. Bribery, corruption, nepotism, partiality, biasness and self-centric personal development are major issues in Nepali politics which hinder high potential pick up of socio-economic development of country through optimum utilization of available resources. Old political leaders with static values and traditional way of thinking who hold power, position and government without any concrete defined goal mission vision and plan to lead the country toward affluence doesn’t think and work for people. The youth with new, vision, mission, creativity, civilization and defined plan to achieve target resulted are not encouraged to take part in plan and policy making, acting structural body and leading political position to make decision. No culture to empower and encourage including new dynamic creative youth in national politic, and no system has yet formed to make proportional representation of youth in decision making of development. Without getting significant role and countable equal participation in national politic, which plays the vital role for decision making in national socio-economic development youth are getting run away being pessimistic. If the problem of brain drains continues and youth are over-shadowed time and again and the opinion and new vision is underestimated country might not get rid from such unhealthy practice of misusing of power and authority that brings unsolved civil-conflict in the country. There are so many unsolved problems of ethnics, indigenous and dalits (untouchable cast) people. The sate has not yet properly addressed the issues of such excluded and minority groups. In the present context of Nepal without youth initiation nothing can be dynamically change happens soon.

Proposal Ideas/Issues to Address
An organization which could address the issues of such country like Nepal with great initiation and involvement of youth should be formed. To hear the voice of minority, excluded and women in decision and policy making there would be a network mechanism and proper system for community level structure. I here wish to from an International organization which can do a lot of charity and fund raising work in developed country and support to empowered and enhanced capacity of youth in these country who take initiation in all level and steps of state structuring strategy. With new vision, mission, creativity and plan in news modern and dynamic way youth can use their creative energy upwards for community development.
The project targets the grassroots level of community level and improves social structure upward to center national level for structuring new system. Specially the new to be formed organization work for organizing youth, empowering them providing education, training and helping to create possible employment service in local level utilizing available resources and enhance them to lead most of the social and political institution. That makes a system from local level and slowly goes up to center level. The organization might works of building capacity of youth in community who have high potentiality of creative energy and use it for development. They would be encouraged to take part and represent the groups, community, and society which productively find a lay out for affluent society.
The organized, empowered and self-employed youth who lives at their community can do advocacy and lobby for socio-economic and political rights which work to build an affluent and civilized developed community. They also can create pressure and make accountable their representative for transparent work of social development.
Concerning to Nepal, targeting to far- and mid-western of Nepal which part is less developed HRD record, we can make a radio program (produce and broadcast) targeting youth (14 to 40 age groups) on contemporary issues of youth based on local interaction, discussion, public hearing which can be linked to center level broadcasting. The program aims to encourage them to take part in the main stream development and to initiate for leading cooperate in decision making, peace keeping and policy making in community structure, empowered them for non-partisan politics to play facilitator role for peace building, and build up their capacity to create self-employment utilizing available local resources. The program air through the local FM and at the same time to achieve the behavioral, knowledge and attitude change objectives, conduct a movement to mobilize youth through pre-existed and -forming new where no pre-formed -groups clubs, committee can work with community activities creating conducive environment with providing them facilities and supports.

Project Rational
Youth are vital creative energy to transform community, society country and the world through new dynamic way of modern civilization. They should not be overshadowed and overheard. They should come to main stream policy making and decision making process in every level. If they are encouraged and empowered, the brain drain problem will be solved and can use their creatively for community support work, like infrastructural development, building road, bridge, hydro-power, school, health post from available local resources. They also play vital role for policy and plan making without biasness but in favor of community. They lead in politics to establish civilized healthy system of accountability, democracy, transparency, peace, equality, inclusion, equity, of governance system. Youth are considered in international and national level as great potential energy for social reformation though in practice hardly implemented. Piles of documents with good thoughts and ideas can not bring transformation but a single action steps can shows a proof of it.

Over all Objectives
Reform a prosperous developed democratic community of good governance, participation, equality and inclusion transforming it through youth initiation of representation in all level of socio-political structure and policy and decision making process.

Specific measurable objectives
To organize youth and empower them to initiate possible infrastructure development using available resources in community and strengthen then for lobbing and advocacy of socio-economic and political rights
Encourage youth to participate in local governance structure, acting committee, working groups, socio-political institution, and development organization making proportionate representation in all level
To build up capacity of youth to lead socio-political organization and institution giving valuable contribution in policy and decision making for community development

· Formulate new youth working groups and mobilizing them for all community development works or empowered existed youth group to initiate at all level of community development works, decision and policy making activities.

· Provide training to selected youth from the organized group to initiate and facilitate all type of leading role in community.

. Organized mass meet, workshop and interaction program in community level with local youth expert to realize youth initiation for all level of community development work and their role in all to lead with proportionate representation in social-political organization and institution.

. Provide vocational and income generating training as required of the community demands for self employment and make it sustainable providing them basic guideline supportive equipment.

. Conduct feasibility baseline study for utilization of available resources to create employment opportunities.

. Mobilize local FM radio and all type of media for advocacy for youth initiation in socio-economic and political development of Nepal linking local issue to main-stream center level up to concerned stakeholder.

. The organized youth (formulated group) conduct a local radio discussion in as public hearing on public concern issues, that would be broadcasted through FM station in local and center level

Targeted Project areas
In broad South Asian Country
Specific, Nepal or more specific mid and far west of Nepal